Ghana Education Service Lacks Focus – Ellis Ferdinand

The Ghana Education Service, manager of Pre-Tertiary Education in Ghana has been playing with the future of Ghana’s Education for sometime now.

The Ghana Education Service has so many problems to tackle ,but it has enough time to order all JHS headteachers to register only JHS 3 Pupils to take part in BECE 2018.

Upon all the Problems facing the Education Sector, the least the Education Service could do was to  plan on inhibiting smart and intelligent non-form 3 students who wish to write the 2018 BECE.

“If the policy came at the back of the 13-year old Ruth Gyan’s admission to KNUST, then GES is very ridiculous.”(Counselor Fenyi -2017).

The Ghana Education Service has forgotten that we have ” Special Children” whose academic achievements deviate from the norm.Such children are described by Psychologists and Special Education Scholars as ”Gifted” children.

Keeping such children among others will affect the smooth flow of teaching and learning to benefit the low and average achievers.

In the Western World and Even Nigeria,where a gifted child with high Intelligence Quotient was admitted into the University, such countries speak well about such achievements and their media will promote it until the whole world hears of it.

While Some Countries are actually holding onto the integrity of their nationalism, Ghanaians are still in doubt how children could be academically exceptional.

There are so many problems the GES should focus on.

* Newly Trained Teachers who qualified for postings have been traumatized due to the negligence of the Colleges and GES.

* Teachers on the Field Still cry for their unpaid Salary Arrears.

* Students are still studying under trees

* School Feeding Caterers are still not been paid

* Teachers’ Conditions of Service are still in the darkness

* Graduate Teachers still not employed

* Promotion of Teachers

* Very Bad Communication between Employers and Employees

These and many other problems are being faced by the Education sector and the GES is dancing on unsung melodies.

The Ghana Education Service needed to sit up and stop enjoying the monopoly.

Its time you move out of your air condition offices and face reality.

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