RICS Consult Threatens To Sue Sports Ministry Over $525k Debt

Chief Executive Officer of RICS Consult Rex Danquah says he will go to the courts to seek interpretation over the Sports Ministry’s decision not to pay a 525,000 dollar consultancy fee.

Mr. Danquah was consulted on Ghana’s bid for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations. The sports ministry had an agreement to pay him an amount of 525,000 dollars.

Ghana eventually failed in its bid to host the tournament.

According to the Auditor General’s report, there was no official contract signed between the sports ministry and Rics consult though he was given an initial amount of 125,000 dollars to put the bid together.

Sports Minister, Isaac Asiamah told the Public Accounts Committee that his office will not pay the supposed consultancy fee of $525,000 to RICS Consult.

“Since there is no existing contract between the Ministry and RICS Consult which my accountant has testified, then there is no way we are going to pay the said amount. For all we know we are have already settled $125,000 and that is all we are going to pay,” Asiamah told the committee Tuesday.

But Mr. Danquah taking his turn at the Public Accounts Committee, Tuesday said his services were engaged by the ministry and he believes the position by the ministry is a subject for the law court.

“We delivered on what we were expected to do,” Mr. Danquah said, adding “we had a meeting with the then Chief Director and it was agreed that my company should discount the debt because we did not win the bid and we discounted the debt and minutes of that meeting is available.”

“So for me…to be told that there was no contract when the people themselves admit and accepted that the spirit of the work was done because all these things we used money to do it…I think it’s a subject for the court,” he added.

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