Wanlov confesses to sodomizing childhood friend during ‘Mama ne Dada’ play

Wanlov the Kubolor he has opened up an illegal act he was engaged in years back.
According to the afro gipsy musician, there was a point in his life where he sodomized someone. The “Fokn Bois” rapper disclosed this in a recent interview on Angel 102.9FM, where he recounted what pushed him into the act which most Ghanaians and Ghana’s law frowns upon.
Speaking to Ohemaa Woyeje, host of “Y’Adwuma Nie” on the radio station, the candid yet controversial musician said, “No one has ever sodomised me, I must say I was the one who rather sodomised another person when the lights went off”.
Wanlov detailed that he engaged in the act during a kids playtime, popularly known as “Mama ne Dada”, where children act to mimic what parents do. “Those were the times of Mama and Dada when we wanted to show how prepared we are to bunk women when offered the opportunity to…,” angelfmonlinegh.com quoted him to have said.
Wanlov, who is known for wearing skirts and walking bare feet wherever goes, is also known for his open support for the homosexual community. However, the father of about five children with over 3 baby mamas, always reiterates that he is not a homosexual.

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