I Will Never Perform For Free -Real MC

Dancehall artiste Kaphun who seemed to have been treated unfairly on Friday 31st of March at the Presidential Palace of Samrit Hotel shared his displeasure at the fact that he was used and disrespected by organizers of the Root Heritage Party. “They told me they’re not letting my road manager and another member of my management team in unless they pay the fee at the gate…. I felt disappointed and offended because it wasn’t supposed to be that way…I got quite angry and one of the organizers came down to me to apologize but I didn’t even listen, I just left the place….I tell you, some of these things that happen have our own people at the roots of it” he told Dennis Gameplay

Reacting to the issue, rapper Real MC condemned such  act of some organizers and stated he will never stoop low for any organizer to disrespect him.Going on, he shared his experience on an almost similar situation.

“During the Shatta Wale concert in Cape Coast , some of the organizers called me to ask of my pictures to help promote the event. I pointed out they have not talked money terms with me so the need for my image wasn’t necessary then. When I realised they wanted me to perform for no charge, I backed off… I contacted most of my artiste friends and told them  to boycott the event if it wasn’t going to be gainful…How do you expect local artistes to perform for free when Shatta Wale himself was taking thousands of cedis… We pay for our studio time, pay for our outfit to events, pay for promos and have families who look up to us to survive so how can we stage free performances?”

The fante-ewe rapper seemed to have made up his mind and didn’t look like he was going to change it any soon.

“There are shows I can do for free if I personally decide to or if we are all playing for charity, that makes sense but performing for free aimed at a so called hype, let 50 cent be the headline artiste for the event, I will never hit it,  I prefer to be a artiste who play no shows than to be seen as one who plays lots of gigs but broke”, the shishiblishi rapper slated

Real MC who released his latest single  Day and Night, produced by Dr. Ray last Friday seems to have the song widely accepted by the people of Cape Coast.

“It’s just been a day old and Day and Night is already bringing positive responses, I’ve been having a lot of calls from people showing their love for the tune” he told Dennis Gameplay on E-chat.

Real MC-DAY AND NIGHT – prod by Dr Ray Beat

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